Jessy Huebner: "Golf is my passion"

Jessy shoots Albatross on hole 13 par 5 in Pinehurst, N.C. the odds of this are 6,000,000 to 1

Jessy wins 2nd US Kids World Tournament

August 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2018 "U.S. Kids World Championship - 2018" at Pinehurst, NC. Played on Pinehurst #1 course. 

Jessy won 1st place receiving his second World trophy with an overall score of 136 (par being 144) finishing at 8 under par for all three days. Day #2 was cancelled due to rain right after Jessy completed his round shooting 66. Daily scores of 65 & 71 and day #1 was a bogey free.  Jessy finished 5 strokes ahead of second place in the Boys Age 9 Division of 153 players.   

1st ever Hole-In-One during a practice round for the World Championship. It happened on August 1st, with the Titleist #1 ball, on Pinehurst #1. A lot of ones! What a coincidence! 

First ever Hole in One 08/01/2018 Pinehurst #1

Tournaments, Awards & Eagles

Tournaments Played: 161

First Place: 97
Second Place: 31
Third Place: 17
Fourth Place: 5

 Breaking Records

 March 2016: Set Jekyll Island Scoring Record (-15) in 18 Holes


Hole in One

  August 1st 2018: At the US Kids World 2018 Official Practice Round Pinehurst #1; Pinehurst, NC


Win Count

U.S. Kids Golf Foundation:

2 World Championship Wins

1 International Championship Win

7 Regional Championship Wins

2 State Championship Wins

9 Local Tour Championship Wins

61 Local Tour Wins


FSGA Florida Junior Golf Tour Wins

5 PGA South Florida Junior Wins

1 Optimist Junior Win

1 The Honda Classic Junior Par 3 Challenge Win

2 Doral-Publix-Orange Bowl Junior Golf Classic Wins

1 The Junior Honda Classic Win

1 PARS Florida International Junior Championship Win

1 Gold Coast Player of the Year Win

3 Other Local Tournament Wins


Eagles Shot in Tournaments

2019 - 

2018 - 1

 2017 - 6

2016 - 9

2015 - 22

2014 - 5

Jessy wins 1st Place in the South FL PGA Junior Golf Prep Tour

June 21st, 2018 "South FL PGA Junior Golf Prep Tour" Mayacoo Lakes CC; West Palm Beach, FL

Jessy won 1st place today with a score of 75.  Playing in the Boys 9-10 division, with no caddie, a push cart, 18 holes 4,953 yards. This was a extremly hot day and a great challenging course. 

Jessy wins Runner-Up trophy in South FL PGA Junior Championship

June 12th, 2018 "South Florida Junior PGA Championship' -Broken Sound Club - Old Course; Boca Raton, FL

Jessy brought home Runner-Up trophy today in South Florida PGA Junior Championship in Boys 9-12 division and finished just one stoke behind the leader. Played from 5,859 yards without caddy on a course he never seen before, and greens were aerated! 

Tournament # 135

March 10th and 11th, 2018 "Florida State Golf Association". FJT Boys (9-12) at Santa Lucia River Club  - Port St Lucie, FL

Jessy wins 1st place with no caddie,18 holes playing each day 4,856 yards. 

Per FSGA News Release:  Although strong winds caused tough conditions at the Santa Lucia River Club, Jessy Huebner was able to navigate the field to win his second FJT event of the 2018 season. Huebner, of Port St. Lucie,  is a very strong contender on the FJT circuit, with a scoring average of 75.3  so far this year. In the past three events, Huebner has finished first, second and first. This weekend was a little different than his past two events however. This week, Huebner needed some additional magic to get the win over Jiacheng Xu, of Winter Garden. After the two players tied for first place after 36-holes with scores of 159 respectively, they headed to the 10th tee box to settle the winner. After tying the first hole, Huebner hit his approach shot on the par-4 11th hole to just a foot! He would tap in for birdie and secure his second win of the year. 

A FSGA Florida Junior Golf Tournament

The PGA South Florida Junior Tour

February 11th, 2018 "The PGA South Florida Junior Tour" - Junior Prep Tour Event #1 at The Country Club of Coral Springs, FL.

This was Jessy's 1st time to play in the PGA South Florida Junior Tour. Jessy, age 8,  received an age exemption to play in the Boys 9 & 10 year old division playing 18 holes over 4,848 yards and no caddie with 8 players in this division.  Jessy won 1st place shooting 2 over par (par being 71) for a final score of 73.  Jessy shot his first eagle for 2018 today.  He beautifully shot the eagle on a par 4 from 110 yards.

"Florida State Golf Association - FJT Boys (9-12) at Palatka Golf Club

January 20th and 21st, 2018 "Florida State Golf Association". FJT Boys (9-12) at Palatka Golf Club; Palatka, FL

This was Jessy's 2nd tournament with no caddie,18 holes and 4,799 yards. Jessy did great.

Per FSGA News Release: The Boy's 9-10 division, it was Jessy Huebner who captured the title. After finishing his first found two strokes ahead of Gavin Fleming, he used his first round momentum to keep him on top of the leaderboard at the end of the competition. Shooting the low round of his division, Huebner fired a final round, four over-par, 74 to capture his first Florida Junior Tour title. 

A FSGA Junior Golf Tournament


1st Place - "The National Honda Classic Junior Par 3 Challenge in Boys Ages 8 to 11"

April 29th 2017

1st Place - "Latin American International Championship 2017"

Jessy, Daughtry Etheridge & Tournament Director – Alejandro Duque

Jessy "The Rocket" Movie April 1st 2017

U S Kids World Championship - 2016 - "JESSY WON" World Champion in 7 Year Old Division

August 4th, 5th and 6th, 2016 "U.S. Kids World Championship - 2016" at Pinehurst, NC. Played on the Mid Pine Inn and Golf Club course. Over 2,100 players from more than 60 countries participated.

On day 3 - Jessy won 1st place receiving a trophy with an overall score of 101 (par being 108) finishing at 7 under par for all three days.  Daily scores of 35, 32 & 34 and today was a bogey free day with an amazing 10 birdies shot over 27 holes.  Jessy finished 5 strokes ahead of second place.   


On day 2 - Jessy kept his lead carding 4 under par (par being 36).  Six birdies today plus two yesterday, eight birdies over 18 holes.  This places Jessy 5 strokes ahead of second place.  

On day 1 - Jessy took a lead carding 1 under par (par being 36). One down two to go. Jessy said the course is very tough and greens are extremely fast.

World Tournament with U.S.Kids Golf Foundation

Honda Classic 2016 - Honoring Adam Scott & all the Junior Champions

TOM LA FEMINA 26.08.2019 10:00

Enjoyed our round together Saturday, even though beat me. Now you are the best player on Sea Pines Court.

Linda Holt 15.10.2018 13:39

So proud of you Jessy. I know your dad must be on cloud 9.

Pat Paretta 06.08.2018 17:59

Now I owe you a BIG batch of chocolate chip cookies!!!!

Carol Shilakes 05.08.2018 15:03

Congrats, Jessy. We are proud to call you our neighbor.

David Baetens 17.04.2018 23:03

Hi Jessy, It is so great to see how well you are doing! If you want to get on Detroit radio again with Frank Beckmann have your dad call me.

Kari Helander 03.01.2018 00:33

Jessy ! Great to see you at PGA-Village driving range ! Birdies & Eagles !
Coach Kari
e-mail me your address to I have a picturure of you

Mark 23.08.2017 00:49

Geof Forman told me to look up this website and I'm glad I did ! Wow- keep u the good work and have fun doing it. We'll see you on the tour in a few years.

Janis Rosenbaum (Spyglass) 10.08.2016 03:00

Congratulations Jessy. You should be proud of all your accomplishments.

Debbie Reynolds 09.08.2016 15:15

Hey Jessy. Your dad has been talking to us about your accomplishments. Way to go! Congratulations on being #1 Jr. Golfer in the World!

Carol Shilakes, Spyglass 08.08.2016 16:33

Congrats, Jessy. Your hard work and determination have paid off. Way to go🏌⛳️🏆🎖🏅

Gay Lynn Leslie 07.08.2016 01:18

Great job Jessy! Keep up the game and we'll see you wearing a green jacket someday!😀

Laura Bailey 15.05.2016 22:21

Hey Jessy! Congratulations on your 4 wins in a row! That is outstanding! We met your proud dad today at the Charlotte airport. Great job!!!

Jake Metro 01.02.2016 03:32

Great golf today Jessy, your putting was excellent ! Keep up the good work and we will look for you on the leaderboards!

your friend, Alexander 01.01.2016 16:51

Way to go Jessy

Marilyn Andrews 24.12.2015 18:14

Jessy what a remarkable young boy you are! God has certainly blessed you with a great talent and bless your parents for recognzing your talent.

Kay Rodriguez 04.11.2015 20:05

Jessy, You are a real star and I am cheering for you! Best wishes in all that you do!!!! Love to you and your family, Kay

Damarys Velarde 22.08.2015 01:23

We are going to miss you at CGMS but wish you the best of luck and are so proud of you for working hard and following your dreams. A big hug, Ms. D

hammadraza 14.08.2015 09:09

Bob & Kay Thompson 30.06.2015 17:07

Congratulations ,so proud of you, best wishes for all your games.
Love, Your Great Uncle Bobby and wife Kay

Garrick 12.05.2015 00:21

Congrats to Jessy on a great win! We had so much fun playing with you guys and Thaxton was so glad to make a new friend. That hole out was beautiful!

Rick 25.02.2015 17:53

Hi We heard the interview with Frank this morning. Several years ago, Frank got to spend the day with Arnie in Labrobe. This was better! R & J

Maria Arencibia 06.01.2015 03:43

Your teachers and friends at Coconut Grove Montessori are extremely proud of your fine accomplishments and wish you continued success! Blessings,Ms.Maria

Sandy Zimmerman 20.12.2014 00:10

WAY TO GO ROCKET!!!!! We are so proud of you! GOD has blessed you with amazing talent & HE has a plan for your life.

Love, Bill & Sand

Joanne 21.07.2014 15:21

Keep the golfing up and trusting in God for direction as He directs you
Congratulations, God has a plan for your life.
In Christ

Sandy Zimmerman 02.05.2014 16:06

Congratulations Jessy, another milestone! We're so proud of you! May the LORD continue to Bless You & your family. Have fun!
Love & Blessings,
Bill & Sandy Z

Gloria Holiday 11.04.2014 20:13

Congrats to are so cute. I will see you in the Masters Tournament in Augusta in a few years. Ms. Gloria from Grady Hospital Atlanta,GA

Sandy Zimmerman 17.03.2014 15:25

Happy Birthday "Rocket". Can't wait to meet you & see you in action! Enjoy the game & have fun! We're friends of your Dad's.
Bill & Sandy Zimmerman.

Michael Clancy 31.01.2014 16:44

Hi Jesse,

I hear from my friend David Baetens that you are a fantastic Golfer, 'the next Tiger Woods'. Well, your fame has now reached England so we are expecting to hear a lot more of you... well in a few years’ time. Well done, good luck and have fun.

Geoff Teed 30.12.2013 14:32

I see a wonderful future for this young talent!

Steve Klein 29.12.2013 04:38

Watch out Tiger Woods! Jessy is after you

David Hammer 29.12.2013 02:37

Happy New Year!

Delphine 15.12.2013 04:47

Go Jessy! Awesome job. We're fans already

Nathan 27.11.2013 16:43

Great swing man!!! Keep it up!

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This is an interesting article with useful information which I will share with my dad after

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Enjoyed our round together Saturday, even though beat me. Now you are the best player on Sea Pines Court.

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So proud of you Jessy. I know your dad must be on cloud 9.

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Now I owe you a BIG batch of chocolate chip cookies!!!!

25.10 | 09:08

This is an interesting article with useful information which I will share with my dad after

26.08 | 10:00

Enjoyed our round together Saturday, even though beat me. Now you are the best player on Sea Pines Court.

15.10 | 13:39

So proud of you Jessy. I know your dad must be on cloud 9.

06.08 | 17:59

Now I owe you a BIG batch of chocolate chip cookies!!!!