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Written by Wayne Player on Aug. 4, 2018
This is fantastic, congratulations Jessy my young friend. Let me know when we can spend some more time together soon.
Written by Aida Leal on Jul. 31, 2018
Hi Jessy,
GREAT JOB, So Great.
Written by DAVID BAETENS on May. 14, 2018
Hi Jessy, It is so great to see how well you are doing! If you want to get on Detroit radio again with Frank Beckmann have your dad call me.
Written by KARI HELANDER on Jan. 9, 2018
Jessy ! Great to see you at PGA-Village driving range ! Birdies & Eagles !
Coach Kari
e-mail me your address to I have a picturure of you
Written by Mark on Aug. 22, 2017
Geof Forman told me to look up this website and I'm glad I did ! Wow- keep u the good work and have fun doing it. We'll see you on the tour in a few years.
Written by Jason on Jul. 6, 2017
GREAT JOB Jessy. Number 1
Written by Mike on Jul. 6, 2017
Great meeting you and your parents on the catamaran cruise. Good luck and stay humble and focused.
Written by Fred and Ada Gipp on May. 3, 2017
I have watched you practice and Fred is a Golf Professional and we must say you have what it takes. Congratulations!!!!!
Written by Ken and Eileen Burns on May. 2, 2017
Congratulations from your neighbors. Very challenging course with all the wind today. Watching golf right now; maybe it will be you I am watching in the future. Good luck.
Written by Laurene McEneny on May. 2, 2017
Congratulations to you all! Well done Jessy!!! 👍👍👍
Written by Steve Looney on May. 2, 2017
Congratulations to young Jessy! Woo-hoo !
Written by Lily and Jui Lai on May. 2, 2017
Congratulations to you Jessy. You are amazing! Keep up the good work we are proud of you.
Written by Bob & Jan Zeek on May. 2, 2017
Wow!! Congratulations to you Jessy!!
Written by Patricia Paretta on May. 2, 2017
Jessy is such a humble guy and we look forward to many more years of his success!
Written by Harriette Hodus on May. 2, 2017
So impressed. Way to go Jessy!

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25.10 | 05:08

This is an interesting article with useful information which I will share with my dad after

26.08 | 06:00

Enjoyed our round together Saturday, even though beat me. Now you are the best player on Sea Pines Court.

15.10 | 09:39

So proud of you Jessy. I know your dad must be on cloud 9.

06.08 | 13:59

Now I owe you a BIG batch of chocolate chip cookies!!!!